Finding comfort knitting with an old friend


I am halfway finished knitting a throw for myself, although I might use it more as a wrap.  I’ve been trying to knit this for a year and a half, had some false starts, then no starts, then almost no progress … For. Ever.

And now suddenly I’m getting there.  I know why, but I’m not ready to talk about that.  I don’t mind sharing the knitting though.

My working title for this blanket is Comfort Food, but I know I long term I won’t call it that.

It is strange, each time I tried to knit this blanket I was trying to come up with something unique, something “pattern worthy” that I could share with my readers and turn into a new project for some of you to try your hands at. But each time I tried to complete the blanket with a new design I would knit for a bit then lose my focus and fall back to a blank position — ripping all of the stitches out in the meantime of course.

Then I decided to use a stitch I have used before, one I know by heart that I could easily knit without having to count rows and constantly monitor mentally. So, I am using that Quilted Lattice stitch I used in the Biscuit Blanket because I can knit for comfort, get lost in my thoughts or listen easily in on a conversation at home, enjoy a cozy time in the living room with a show going and my dear husband closeby, making rapid progress with ease. Thus the title of this blog, knitting with an old friend. The stitch is quite pretty, is making a lovely blanket and I am finding comfort knitting with this old friend of mine, this stitch I am so familiar with. Thank you, old friend for helping me in my time of need.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~


This afternoon, when I got home from voting, I went out to the Peter Rabbit Garden and choose one of our pumpkins to use for some homemade soup. 

It was a beautiful thing to have a pretty display of 50 pumpkins, various varieties, to choose from for my soup.

I choose a medium Long Island Cheese pumpkin and made what turned out to be a delicious Pumpkin Bisque … very comforting.

To make the soup, I had my husband cut the pumpkin in half from top to bottom.  After scooping out the seeds and strings bits, I roasted the two halfs in the oven at 400° (each half in a glass casserole dish, sitting in about 2 inches of water) for about 45 minutes (fork tender).

I scooped the roasted pumpkin out of the rind, into my soup tureen.  Then I added 4 Tbsp butter and a couple cups of Rice Dream (rice milk); regular milk would also do.

I heated these on low heat.  I put a large spoonful of the pumpkin mixture in a small sauce pan along with a little butter, more of the Rice Dream and some spices (cinnamon, ginger, thyme, coriander, and tumerick — abt one quarter to a half teaspoon each).  I heated these until boiling gently to “bloom” the spices.

Then I added the spice mixture to the pumpkin mixture, stiering well.

I added enough Rice Dream to reach a nice bisque consistency and heated it all thoroughly on low/medium heat.

Lastly, I smoothed it all out with am emersion blender.

I served the bisque with homemade biscuits … comforting, and, well … pretty much yum to the core.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


We had a hard frost last night; it was 26 degrees outside when I got up this morning and stayed below freezing for some time. Later I was out in the yard with the dogs and visited the Sincere pumpkins out in the Peter Rabbit Garden (and, keep in mind these are harvested pumpkins on display, not still on the vine). Some of the smaller pumpkins were translucent because of freezing. Hmm, I wonder now what is the fate of the insides of our pretty little pumpkin harvest.

It is a little strange how the cold outside brings about such thoughts of coziness and comfort. I suppose it is because we burrow down and huddle up in warmer clothing, loftier furnishings and bedding, closer company, and warmer food and drink.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


I am curating an art show featuring some of my son’s NYC subway signs and his photography from our area in upstate, rural New York as well as urban scenes he has shot in NYC. It will open at a local winery in December and I am happy to have a chance to focus my mind on his creative talents.

And so the week comes to a close with many new inches of blanket knitted, a new rendition of Pumpkin Bisque created and enjoyed, cold weather endured, sunshine restored (at times) and more searching for whatever the new normal of life will be. No clear answers yet on a new normal, but that’s okay for now.


5 thoughts on “Finding comfort knitting with an old friend”

  1. So glad you’re back – at the farm and on the blog!! I so enjoy reading about what you’re doing and accomplishing – keep up the good work. Maybe this will be the year we can finally knit together & you can visit my garden!

  2. I was so happy to see your email in my INBOX – my heart lept and my face broke into a big smile – of course I’ll subscribe to the blog – can’t wait to “catch up” with you.